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My darkness is my greatest ally and the light to self empowerment and empowering others. Most programs try and teach you to "work through" and "bury" your issues where I will teach you how to make your greatest challenges your greatest strengths.


Identify your gifts

Some of us were born into the darkest storms.  We may not have landed where we thought we would be but we are now where we need to be;


“Nothing from the past needs to be dismissed or eliminated but used as the greatest asset for your future” -SP

Use your past as your greatest ally.
Embrace your darkness

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Do you have a vision of who you want to be but are still struggling to break through your mental prison?  Your emotions and vices?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired yet?

It’s time to stop being loyal to your past and make peace with it.  Build an alliance with your past. Let your past be your soul food, the fuel to your fire, your past is the intelligence of your future. Your past is other people’s teacher. Let it be your guide, your strength, and your mentor.

This journey of recovery does not need to be battled alone. Take on a coach that’s been where you are, conquered their demons, and can help lead you down the right path.  Through personal growth and redeveloping who you are and your character, we will overcome the challenges of your current circumstances together.  It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be a struggle, and you’re going to question yourself many times, but one thing I can promise you is those who come from the darkest paths have the brightest future, those who come from a violent past have the ability to truly understand and appreciate true peace.

There will be no judgement, no shame, no embarrassment, no guilt through this process.  Fuck all the stigmas society has created for us.  It doesn’t matter what anyone says, addicts have the ability to make what matters matter and what doesn’t nonexistent. If harnessed correctly, judgement will have zero effect.  That is the power of an addict.  We are shaped by embracing truth and love, one without the other is not enough.  Love without truth is enabling, truth without love is distant.  We help friends and loved ones with both, never separate.

How you build something has everything to do with how long you want it to last. The more consistent you become with what you say you will do, the more it becomes part of who you are.

When rubber meets the road, people’s faiths fall. People watch your faith and your character when times get hard, your foundation can be built with either sand or cement, with sand it will always fall. With cement it becomes permanentLook at the outcome of what you’ve been doing, are you blooming or are you dying?
When you are hurt or upset, do not make a decision. Don’t run from fear. Pause, reflect, resonate. Allow options to come in. Our problems are sometimes the result of our pace.

Make discomfort your comfort zone.

Make discomfort your comfort zone.

Move with purpose, stay focused, eyes in one direction.  There will be many obstacles, it will be hard, it can even break you, but stay focused.  Eyes in one direction, run with purpose.

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Results Formula

Non-Negotiables + Accountability + Mindset + Nutrition & Fitness + Action at the speed of instruction
= The Person You are Meant to Be

Recovery and healing is more than meetings and reminiscing about the past.  In order to overcome your demons, you need to face them and work through them. This is not an easy task, and no one should think they have to do it alone.

In this program we will work together to determine your non-negotiables, set your short term and long term goals, structure your day to ensure productivity, work on navigating through triggering events and situations, schedule accountability meetings, and more.  

Having fought through a decade of drug addiction, two decades of deep depression followed by attempted suicide, I have learned how to use those circumstances as todays strength and power versus being a victim of my past.  My darkness is my greatest ally and the light to self empowerment and empowering others. Allow me to help you in becoming the person you are meant to be.

Become the person you're meant to be

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Be driven with purpose and align with the things that matter most

Talent will never be enough,
Potential will never be enough.

One day at a time you fight the fight - some days will be harder than others. Only your core values and non negotiables will keep you aligned.

Commitment is how we reach limit breakers, trust the process and watch as you excel in all areas of life.


Change your addictions to healthy obsessions
Immediate habitual construction
Conquer your inner demons
Breaking Cycles
Use your past as your greatest strength

Character is revealed when pressure is applied

Pressure creates passion
Passion breeds purpose
Protect your purpose

Old habits die hard
Change your identity and belief structure to match the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Who do you have to become to have what you want?
What are the consequences if you continue down the path you're on?

Don't be a victim of your current circumstances.  Take action now!

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Self Acceptance Phase

WEEK 1-4
Accepting that you deserve to change is the first principle in developing yourself.  Learn from every experience you've had in life. Everything has happened FOR YOU not TO YOU

Spiritual and Mental Warfare Phase

WEEK 5-8
It's time to face your fears.  Bring your demons to the surface and seek your deepest truths with humility to gain clarity.

Habitual Construction Phase

WEEK 9-12
Redeveloping your habits to align with the person you're meant to be. Trust the process.